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Simple enough. I'd like to commission someone who'll be able to make me a drawing kinda like an anime screenshot. [if Im feeling cheesy enough, plus a subtitle//slapped]
I'm willing to pay only up to 300 :points: [you may haggle]
since my earnings arent cleared as of now. :3
you may comment,, or suggest anyone who draws stuff like this. I'm choosy about the quality, so please bear with me.

thanks you guys.

As you've seen in the commission gallery, there are 10 available folders to submit examples of commissions or commission information.
Us admins don't have much time to spare because we're simply busy, you know, with life and such. But lately I've been spending too much time on sorting deviations, IDs and journals to the correct ones.

There's been quite a few mix ups in the folders, and I've just finished sorting them out into the correct ones. It's not hard to put them in the right ones, but from now on - if you're unsure on which folder to submit to, just note us ok? We are here to help. :)

Here are the folders:

:bulletgreen: Featured:…
Info based on commission etiquettes and converting money to points etc.

:bulletgreen: Examples of Point Commissions:…
Deviations as examples of point commissions.

:bulletgreen: Examples of Cash Commissions:…
Deviations as examples of cash commissions.

:bulletgreen: Commission ID - Points:…
IDs (NOT JOURNALS) that provide info on point commissions.

:bulletgreen: Commission ID - Cash:…
IDs (NOT JOURNALS) that provide info on cash commissions.

:bulletgreen: Commission ID - Both Cash & Points:…
IDs (NOT JOURNALS) that provide info on both cash and point commissions.

:bulletgreen: Journals -  Points:…
Journals (NOT ID) that provide info on point commissions.

:bulletgreen: Journals - Cash:…
Journals (NOT ID) that provide info on cash commissions.

:bulletgreen: Journals - Both Cash & Points:…
Journals (NOT ID) that provide info on both cash and point commissions.

:bulletgreen: Requests:…
Either IDs, deviations or journals the provide info on requests on either drawing for people, or looking certain for artists.

I hope this helps. K--Chou
Do you want to be on this list?

Bullet; Blue Check out this journal that explains how Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Red If you would like to update your info, please let us know because we do remove info that is stated that it wants to be removed if a specific date was listed. Bullet; Red
Bullet; Blue Please donate any amount you can to help make the group a super group. Send any donations to the donation pool on CMNDonations' page. Thank you!! Bullet; Blue


Bullet; Red The info will not be featured forever. If no date/time is given, the info will be deleted at the end of the month to preserve memory for the journal . You can also put Undecided and note the group once your request has been fulfilled. Then your info will be removed.  Bullet; Red

These are currently open for commissions!
Name: TaradiddleQuibbler
Style: Anime/manga, literary, traditional.
Price range: Literary- 4 to 10 Points
Visual Art- 100 to 400 Points /no cash
Information: Literary- // Visual Art -
Due date: December 31 2014
Name: MangaFox156
Style: Cartoony/Anime-ish (I can pretty much draw anything)
Price range: $1-$20 (This all depends on how much you want to be included). I take both PayPal and Points.
Due date: September 20
Name: Xionix-Kun
Style: Painterly/Anime/Up to you (I can adapt Wink/Razz)
Price range: 15-60$
Due date: Dec 25
Name: Pluto-Uto
Style: Anime/semi-realistic/doll styled
Price range:  30pts - 350pts ; $1- $10
Information: Journal: ID:
Due date: October 25th 2014.
Name: Tsukiakari-Neko
Style: Anime/Chibi
Price range: $5/500pts-$10/1000pts
Due date: Dec 31, 2014
Name: crosserdog1
Style: manga/mix
Price range: £5-10 pounds
Due date: Dec 31, 2014
Name: Lupizora
Style: Anime/Manga
Price range: 6$-60$/also euros and 600-6000 :points:
Due date: 6th December
Name: Zafurra
Style: Anime/Toony and Semi-Realistic, Anthro and Creatures
Price range: $4-$40+
Due date: Dec 31 2014
Name: TakingYourBreath
Style: Anime like(not really sure xD )
Price range: 10-40 :points:
Due date: December 20th 2014
Name: keishota
Style:  Anime/Manga, Semi-Realistic, Chibi
Price range: 5 $ to 30 $ (for Semi-Realistic, 30 $ - 80 $)
Due date: 30 September 2014
Name: kidneo66
Style: anime/manga
Price range: $5 to $50 cash
Due date: October 1
Name: NesoKaiyoH
Style: Semi-realism and environments (busts, full body)
Price range: £15-£45 (Paypal)
Due date: December 31st 2014
Name: OYukinoHanaO
Style: Semi-realistic/anime
Price range: $5.00 - $20.00
Due date: November
Name: Yang-sama
Style: anime/manga, semi-realistic(headshots bust/half body, fullbody)
Price range:  15 to 250 :points:
Due date: January 2015
Name: PatPaige
Style: Semi-realism and anime style
Price range: 4€-35€ (Paypal)
Information: (policy only in spanish language right now)
Due date: 20 September,  2014
Name: SandraChapdelaine
Style: realistic portaits, surrealstic creatures oc
Price range: 3$ to 100$
Due date: November 1st
Name: moxxee
Style:  I do mostly semi-realistic and tag/page doll type things.
Price range: $5.00/500 pts - $100.00/10000 pts.
Due date: September 14th
Name: vaniaelee
Style: chibi and anime styled
Price range: 1-10 USD (Paypal only)
Due date: 20 October 2014
Name: EroStyle
Style: Anime/semi-realistic
Price range: Just Pay Pal 6$ - 16$ or 5€ - 15€
Due date: November 15th
Name: goatshiip
Style: Fantasy, Anime, Chibi (full body, front+back view)
Price range: 3$, 6$
Due date: January 2015
Name: DelusionalLove
Style: Anime: chibi and headshot
Price range: 80 :points: to 120 :points:
Due date: September 30th
Name: Cold-Force
Style: Anime: Full body, Head to Waist and Head to Knee
Price range: $5 - $25
Due date: December 27
Name: AnnPoison
Style: Anime/Comic/Disney/Realistic (Only portraits)
Price range:  Tradicional 15 Points Digital 20 Points (25 Points full body)
Due date: 1 month/3 weeks prior- (Sep 14th)
Name: arkaeldarknnes
Style: Anime, Cartoonish, animated icon.
Price range: 3-10$USD or 360-1200:points:
Due date: September 20th
Name: HollowYamiOokami
Style:  Anime: Anthro
Price range: $5 - $10  or 500:points: - 1,000:points:
Due date: September 15th
Name: Eminasy
Style: Anime, Chibi
Price range: 10-30$ (PayPal)
Due date: September 29th
Name: OyopsOfPoyo2013
Style: Manga-ish
Price range: 5:points: to 12:points:, not including extra features
Due date: January 1st, 2015
Do you want to be on this list?
Bullet; Blue Check out this journal that explains how ~ Bullet; Blue
More Journal Entries


We hope you'll like this group and tell others about it.
The more people that know about this group, the more people might commission you! :la:

:bulletblue:Group icon!
Thanks to Biila for the fantastic new icon for our group. It looks GREAT!!!

:bulletblue:How to find customers and how to find an artist?
We have 2 journals on both of these matters. Check them out!
If you're open for commissions ->
If you're looking for customers ->

:bulletgreen: Make sure to put every deviation in the correct folder!
:bulletgreen: Featured - Only for important INFORMATION!!
:bulletgreen: Don't submit anything that violates DA rules.
:bulletgreen: Be nice to everyone C:

:bulletblue:Commenting on the front page!
:bulletred:You're only allowed to comment once every week!
:bulletred:When you comment it should only be about commissions!
:bulletred:Looking for commissions or open for commissions!
:bulletred:No begging for points!
:bulletred:Also no Spamming!
:bulletred:It will be hidden and if you keep spamming, you will be blocked!

Please send a note to the group with the specific info below so we can add you to the list on the left.
Style: (anime/manga, realistic, icon, etc):
price range: (from lowest to highest and if it's cash//both):
Information: (journal link or a deviation with details)
Due date: (When you want us to take you away from the list.
You must give a date! The list can only have so many people on there, it's a must!)

If you have any questions of any kind, note the group!
Cause if you want a quick answer, note is the best way.


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Annamarie2014 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
10 points and  I will draw your favorite Disney/Anime/Cartoon couple OR character!
Elle-Rei Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm open for commissions,I draw chibi/waist up/full body/illustration & GIF animation commission,price between 10~35 USD
Theia & Tansy M by Elle-ReiSora No Sakana by Elle-ReiSei by Elle-ReiShiro Yoshiwara by Elle-ReiAdekan Alice by Elle-Rei
Commission info here
Note me if you're interest C:
wavepaint Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
CHEAP Points and money (USD) commissions here!
commodorefrog Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I do fully colored , very colorful traditional art done with copics & oil pens!
I'll draw OCS , Fantrolls , Gore , Nudity or Sexual Themes. ( within dA rules )

★ sticker/chibi's are 2.00 USD

★ Full blown colored commissions are 13.50 

For more details just simply note me or ask me on my tumblr!
Kirara-CecilVenes Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
Opening commission starting from 5$ USD ^^, some of my example:
Chibi - Vaporeon by Kirara-CecilVenes  Line Play - Jia Yuan (2) by Kirara-CecilVenes  Kirara and Machua 2 by Kirara-CecilVenes  Commission - Chilirabbits by Kirara-CecilVenes  Line Play - Anemona 2 by Kirara-CecilVenes  

for more info:

thank you ^^
AssassinEzioAuditore Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Doing commissions to save up money for my cosplay

Link. assassinezioauditore.deviantar…
pinkie2001 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Prices: 35 to 100 :points:…
IdoodleChibis Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Have icon commissions open < 3
For 100+ :points:

{CM} serenawolf by IdoodleChibisLove Birds by IdoodleChibisAlice by IdoodleChibisButt Buddy Icons by IdoodleChibis

Click on link in signature c:
yoya-hanona Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Commission for usagi-ponn by yoya-hanona Contest2 by yoya-hanona commission for arnef by yoya-hanonachibi misty by yoya-hanona
i do this for 50-80 point only !
for more info…
Kirara-CecilVenes Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Professional General Artist
opening cute chibi commission for 5$ ^^, example:
Chibi Eevee by Kirara-CecilVenes  Chibi - Vaporeon by Kirara-CecilVenes  Chibi Flareon by Kirara-CecilVenes  Chibi - Espeon by Kirara-CecilVenes  Chibi - Umbreon by Kirara-CecilVenes  

for more info and example you could see here

Thank you ^^
EclairRose Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lowered prices on the special commissions for a project!

Pony Portrait Project - Princess Cadence in Flight by EclairRose  Pony Portrait Project -- Bon Bon Says Hello by EclairRose  Pony Portrait Project -- Fluttershy the Reserved by EclairRose  Pony Portrait Project - Amethyst Star, Fashionista by EclairRose  

$10 for something done like this and added to the project! (Any other commissions not related to the project, whether it be anime or something else pony, can be discussed in a note.)
xoxo-kristie Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist…

I draw ponies, humans, animals, you name it!
Let me draw your OC!! Let me draw your ship!!

Affordable point commissions for quality art!!

Suki's Geodeer by xoxo-kristie  Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings by xoxo-kristie  Now Kiss! by xoxo-kristie  
Kirara-CecilVenes Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hello ^^, I'm open for commission, starting from 5$ USD ^^
for my full price and sample you could see over here:

some of my works:
Commission - Smog Elemental by Kirara-CecilVenes  Commission - Martian Mermaid Pony by Kirara-CecilVenes  Kirara and Machua 2 by Kirara-CecilVenes  Line Play - Jia Yuan (2) by Kirara-CecilVenes  Line Play - Anemona 2 by Kirara-CecilVenes  

Thank you ^^
pinkie2001 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My full colored full bodys are 50 :points:!!!1

Come buy now!…
Hidden by Owner
Toushikiseto Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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